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Dappio features a dashboard that can view and manage different aspects of your portfolio, such as wallet, farms, lend, strategy, and leverage pools. Once user connect the wallet, our Dashboard will show the current total net worth, current rewards and calculate expected rewards you may earned, and also makes it easy to keep track of volumes and APY across Solana.

Our dashboard also provides a shortcut for user to one-click claiming rewards through our integrated and easy to use platform. You can either claim all your rewards or based on the protocols we have integrated.


Dappio aggregates the major DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges) on Solana. User can trade confidently, without needing to leave the platform to compare exchange rates from different DEXs and centralized exchanges.


In our farming club, user may easily obtain high yields using different protocols on Solana by staking a liquidity provider (LP) token and earning token rewards. Dappio provides a one-click farming button for you to simply zap USDC/Single Asset into our farming club. You can withdraw by LP/Single Asset/USDC at anytime from Dappio.


In our Lending Club, user have access to all top lending protocols on Solana and can easily pick up the highest lending APY protocols.

Strategy Hub

In our Strategy Hub, we aggregate a multitude of Solana DeFi platforms and strategies in one place and make it easier than ever to find the best yields. In our Strategy Hub, user can easily choose the top strategy vaults on Solana Ecosystem. We make sure user can earn yield and regardless of market volatility.


In our Leverage club. user may easily obtain high yields using different protocols on Solana. We have provide a clear interface fo you to better understand the Yields, Borrowing interests, Asset supplies from the pool. We also show your position which includes Equity/Debt Value, Farmed yields, Kill buffer to know your current debt ratio and asset adjusting feature to better control your status of position value.

Wonderland Vaults

Vaults are the core of the Dappio. In our vaults club, Dappio generate yield for your assets by earning compound interest on users crypto assets farming. Our vaults automatically maximizes rewards from various liquidity pools(RAY-SOL, SOL-USDC, etc…), yield products or single assets in Solana ecosystem. Users can choose auto-compound investment so the vaults will automatically increase your deposited token amount by compounding yield farming rewards back to your initially deposited LPs. For example, vaults where one can stake SOL-USDC LP will result in more SOL-USDC LP over time, effectively growing your share in the vault and thus allowing for more and more rewards over time. By using a Dappio vault to compound your gains, you save thousands of transactions with their associated gas costs, and precious personal time. Instead of manually harvesting and selling rewards, buying more tokens, and reinvesting that continuously, a vault does all that automatically at a high frequency.

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