About Dappio

Welcome to Dappio Wonderland, the first Wonderland on Solana. Dappio will aggregate yields across DeFi and NFT offerings, creating a place where dreams come true and imaginations are free to roam without rules or judgment. Are you ready to be transported into our Wonderland?

We’re designing fantastic user experiences, keeping the basics simple, and empowering all 🐰 in wonderland to find their bliss.


Dappio is a one-stop yield aggregation solution for DeFi / NFT on Solana. We believe that the next generation of yield aggregators should be vertical agnostic across categories, harnessing network diversity to produce a robust product. Our aims is to make your yield assets more profitable and easy to use by aggregating best of the yields in Solana’s ecosystem, including farming, lending, borrowing, and staking in one tool. For peace of mind, users can compare APY and interest rates on all other major Solana projects before participating.

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Our Vision

We are motivated to become one of the best DeFi / NFT aggregator projects in Solana.

Dappio Wonderland begins with recognizing the power of DeFi. We plan on giving that power back to the community. The rapid proliferation of DeFi products and protocols has produced an ecosystem that new DeFi users may find confusing and intimidating. Our platform clears up that confusion with features such as a one-click farming tool. This tool is designed to increase capital efficiency while reducing human error and saving time, with simple and user-friendly interface.

Our Advantage

  • One place to earn yield: Dappio aggregate major DeFi protocols on Solana and enables user to start earning yield from Farm/Lend/Strategy/Leverage/Vaults. Users no longer have to go on various platforms to farm different token or earn yields.

  • Easy to use: with our One-Click-Farming zap in/out feature, users will be able to instantly provide LPs and start earning yield on different protocols from Solana.

  • Customized strategy: Our users will be able to seamlessly browse through various vaults from the top protocols on Solana, including vault, strategy, farming, lending, NFT.

  • Portfolio Dashboard: We provide professional tools to calculate your APY and portfolio from different protocols.

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