The Universal Rabbit Hole


One of the challenges people often talk about when it comes to Solana is its composability. While some programs are open source, majority aren't, making it almost impossible to build projects on Solana with mass adoption potential. Interacting with DeFi or NFTs on Solana shouldn't be hard, which is why Dappio created the Universal Rabbit Hole.

Dappio is dedicated to making Solana easy and bringing top developers into the Solana ecosystem. Our Universal Rabbit Hole provides developers with a plug-and-play framework "gateway" for a basket of Dapps. Versatile enough to accommodate Farm, Vault, money market, and other DeFi needs, Universal Rabbit Hole empowers users to build their ideal projects on Solana.

The following diagram shows an overview of Universal Rabbit Hole:


  1. Gateway: This is specifically for Core Devs to build. Dappio Gateway keeps providing different kinds of DeFi/NFT programs and makes it simple by establishing a standardized interface. Core Devs can reach full DeFi potential through the implementation of Dappio Gateway. The advantage of Gateway opens up the possibility for new and novel use-cases to be built around your projects.

  2. Adapters: This is specifically for Protocol Devs to build. Imagine it as a mobile Adapter that can be plugged into any kind of iOS/Android mobile, the Adapters here can also do that. Protocol Devs can build their own adapters to support new future teams who want to build specific functions. (i.e. use Pool Adapters to “add liquidity” in “Raydium” Pool.) The advantage of Adapters helps protocol increase adoption by DeFi users/community on Solana.

Our Solution

Composability as a Service (CaaS)

Universal Rabbit Hole makes DeFi / NFT programs "composable" on Solana, which allows anyone in the network to take existing programs and adapt or build on top of them. This means that developers on Solana can easily put their own projects together without having to build everything from scratch.

Universal Rabbit Hole unlocks previously unimaginable DeFi / NFT use-cases thanks to the power of composability. In other words, Universal Rabbit Hole provides convenience for the developers building on DeFi protocols, as well as accelerates DeFi innovation throughout the whole Solana ecosystem. You can easily utilize various DeFi protocols like Lego pieces in Universal Rabbit Hole. Imagine a developer leveraging Universal Rabbit Hole to connect Radyium Swap + Saber LP + Tulip Vaults, creating an innovative DeFi product on these services. Projects like this naturally lead to more DeFi choice and better user experiences in the Solana ecosystem.


Universal Rabbit Hole functions as an interface between service providers and all on-chain protocol providers. It makes the complexity of dealing with different protocols manageable, which allows service providers to focus on their DeFi application model. To Simply put, with Universal Rabbit Hole handling protocol integration, teams can allow user experiences front-and-center.

Dappio has already integrated several major protocols on Solana, including Farm/Money Market/Leverage/Swap/Vaults and more. Instead of diving into those protocols' SDKs individually, developers can save an immense amount of time by using Universal Rabbit Hole.

Every SDK is different. Figuring out and interacting with each one takes time. If your project involves multiple SDKs, all of that time can start to add up. With just a few lines of code, Universal Rabbit Hole dramatically reduces development complexity. The diagram below shows how this complexity is reduced:

Who can benefit from Universal Rabbit Hole?

Four types of people will benefit from this composable framework:

  • Core Devs (BUIDL Gateway)

  • Protocol Devs (BUIDL Adapters)

  • General Devs (BUIDL on DAppes)

  • Users (Experience innovated Dapp’s products)


TA/IssuePain Point(Before)Solution(After)Example


Try to find out how to acquire more TVL and exposure in efficient way

Universal Rabbit Hole provides integration framework for Protocols to build composable service Adapter.

Dappio aggregate more users to increase TVL through Dappio DeFi Platform.


Limited open source from Protocol on Solana; Inefficient to read different types of SDK to build

Universal Rabbit Hole saves time spent reading/trying those protocol SDKs individually.

Easier to build a Zap-in Function(Swap on Jupiter, Add LP on Saber, Staked on Farm pool) and create Auto-compounding vaults on Tulip or Francium

DeFi users

Limited DeFi choice on Solana

More DeFi innovation protocols available, with better user experience on Solana ecosystem

More Protocols on Solana can build on top of Dappio to create the best yields and model for users to choose and earn ideal returns

Current Avaliable Adapters

  • Raydium (Farm/Pool)

  • Saber (Farm/Pool)

  • Orca (Farm/Pool)

  • Lifinity (Farm/Pool)

  • Jupiter (Swap)

  • Solend (Money Market)

  • Larix (Money Market)

  • Tulip (Money Market/Vault)

  • Francium (Money Market/Leverage Farm)

  • Friktion (Vault)

  • Katana (Vault)

  • Lido (Vault)

  • Marinade (Vault)

  • Dappio (Vault)

More to come...

How can I start building

Here is an example of building a DApp on Universal Rabbit Hole.

Navigator is fully open-sourced now! Here is the Github repo. You can also check Dappio Developer Gitbook for further guidance.

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