About Dappie Gang

About Dappie Gang

What is Dappie Gang NFT?

Dappie Gang NFT is collection of 6,666 unique rabbit GameFi characters with DeFi utilities in Solana Wonderland.

Each Dappie is unique with special traits that are programmatically generated from 286 random traits; including skin, expression, tattoo, headwear, clothing, and more. All Dappies are cool, but some are rarer than others. When you buy a Dappie, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a provably-rare piece of art. You are gaining membership access to a gang whose benefits and offerings will increase over time in Dappio Wonderland. Your Dappie can serve as your unique digital identity and GameFi character, and open digital doors for you in the Solana Wonderland.

All Dappie Gang NFT gives holders the right to govern the project direction and get early access to Dappio Wonderland.

  • Governor: decide the future GameFi roadmap

  • Character: decide which game to have character proposal (Rabbit)

  • Early Access: participate in special campaign

What Trait rarity Dappie Gang NFT have?

Traits Rarities:

  • Genesis (1%)

  • Legendary (36%): Body with Pattern, Zombie, Robot and Alien

  • Common (63%)

Each traits has a specific utilties attached to it.

What Utilities Dappie Gang NFT have?

All Dappie Gang NFT will have perks in DAPPIO Wonderland, perks including:

  • DeFi Fee Discount

  • DeFi Reward Multiplier

  • Receive Token Airdrops

  • Lottery ticket for Dappio IDO

Genesis (1%) 💰Utilities: Holders will have all 3 utilities(Fee Discount, Reward Multiplier, Token airdrop) when staked

Legendary(36%) 💰 Utilities: Holders will have 1 of 3 utilities(Fee Discount, Reward Multiplier, Token airdrop) when staked

Common (63%) 💰 Utilities: Holders will have 1 of 3 utilities when 2 or more staked

🔓 Stake 2 Dappie Gang NFTs for Fee Discount

🔓 Stake 3 Dappie Gang NFTs for Reward Multiplier

🔓 Stake 4 Dappie Gang NFTs for Token Airdrop

The more Dappie Gangs you stake, more advanced the utility. ONLY Airdrop utility can be built up with no cap.


Stake 2 Dappie Gangs = Fee Reduction

Stake 3 Dappie Gangs = Reward Multiplier

Stake 4 Dappie Gangs = Token Airdrop

Stake 6 Dappie Gangs = Token Airdrop + Fee Reduction

Stake 7 Dappie Gangs = Token Airdrop + Reward Multiplier

Stake 8 DappieGangs = Token Airdrop *2

Stake 10 DappieGangs = Token Airdrop *2 + Fee Reduction

Stake 11 DappieGangs = Token Airdrop *2 + Reward Multiplier

Stake 12 DappieGangs = Token Airdrop *3

-So on and so forth-

Where do I buy Dappie Gang?

You can buy Dappie Gang on either of the two official marketplaces :

Where can I stake my Dappie Gang?

You can stake it at here 👉🏼 NFT Staking

One Dappie Gang NFT staked will earn 10 $NFTU a day

NFT Finance and $NFTU

NFT Staking

Earn $NFTU by staking your NFT! It's just that simple. Dappio Wonderland provides users to earn yield across Defi / NFT offerings. Therefore, allowing all Solana NFT to stake on Dappio has always been part of our mission and roadmap.

We believe the future of NFT will interchangeably interact with Defi products; and to create a friendly, trusted environment for holders to stake; Dappio Wonderland becomes an important puzzle to Solana ecosystem.

Each staked NFT earns 10 $NFTU/day and accmumlates $NFTU over time. Once claimed, you'll be able to use these utility tokens for Auction, Raffles and upcoming mints in the future.

Visit here to start 👉 NFT Staking

NFT Staking Program


If you hold a Dappie Gang, Sovana Egg, Diamond Baepes by MonkeyKingdom and MonkeyKingdom, make sure to check out this guide to help you understand the staking process.


Once you start NFT staking, you should see PROVE TOKEN/FARM TOKEN in your wallet. PROVE TOKEN means you have already Staked your NFT on our staking program. FARM TOKEN means you are going to start mining $NFTU rewards on our mining program.

More information on PROVE TOKEN/FARM TOKEN please visit here 👉 NFTU Token List

We have list down Name/Symbol/Address/Logo from each PROVE TOKEN/FARM TOKEN.

IMPORTANT!! Some Reminder when you Staking

When you stake your NFT on Dappio, you simply will get a PROVE TOKEN for your NFT which then will be deposited into our Mining Program in exchange for a FARM TOKEN to begin your journey earning $NFTU.

While this process is automated, there are still a few things to keep in mind!

  1. Please DO NOT transfer/burn the PROVE TOKEN or the FARM TOKEN

  2. Please keep the PROVE TOKEN or the FARM TOKEN in your wallet because they are essential for the unstaking process.

  3. If you have multiple NFT to stake, please stake maximum of 3 NFT at one time (This maximum allowance will increase on our next patch when Solana network is more stable)

  4. If you encounter a message saying “Phantom believes this transaction is malicious and unsafe to sign. We have disabled the ability to sign it in order to protect you and your funds”, Don’t worry, your NFT and funds are SAFU with Dappio. Make sure you are staking from the official link: https://app.dappio.xyz/nft-staking

  5. IF THE STAKE BUTTON IS ORANGE CLICK IT AGAIN! This means due to the Solana network, some of your PROVE TOKEN failed to start mining $NFTU, or failed to return FARM TOKEN from Farm pool. Please try again by clicking Stake button. If you have staked all your Dappies Successfully that button should disappear.

What is $NFTU?

$NFTU is a Solana Universal NFT Currency designed to integrate unique NFT projects and collectively build around a sustainable NFT currency where earning and spending your collected rewards is just as easy!

What can you do with $NFTU?

Here is a growing list of what you could do with your $NFTU

  • Participate in NFT Auction/Raffle

  • Participate in NFT Lottery pool

  • Participate in exclusive campaign

  • Mint Future NFT Drops

  • Purchase GameFi items

  • Breeding & upgrade

More coming!

What’s the tokenomics of $NFTU?

The maximum supply is 100,000,000 $NFTU Halving periods: There will be 3 halving periods, each halving will reduce $NFTU staking rewards by 50%.

  • 1: 50,000,000 $NFTU tokens mined.

  • 2: 75,000,000 $NFTU tokens mined.

  • 3:87,500,000 $NFTU tokens mined.

  • Distribution: Fair Launch to the community (Teams hold nothing)

NFT Raffle / Auction

Dappio will host $NFTU raffles & auctions for:

  • Exclusive Whitelist Spots

  • NFTs held in the Dappio treasury

And a lot more... Stay tuned for our development of Raffle /Auction house.

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